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Driving Tip

Driving Tip

The tip of the driver bit inserts into a depression that has been machined into the top of screw head in a male tool / female fastener configuration. Female tool / male fastener combinations exist, but are less common. The rotary drive of the tool applies torque to the screw, which due to the threads machined along its shank gains traction against the workpiece. Wood screws have a pointed tip and sharpened threads to assist the assembly of items to wood substrates. Machines screws have a flat or tapered point and assemble pre-tapped workpieces, or pre-drilled substrates in union with a nut.

Specifications : Materials : All driver bits eventually wear out and become less efficient with repeated use. Manufacturers regularly produce driver bits in titanium, stainless steel, tool-grade steel (S2), high-speed steel (HSS), and chromium-vanadium-molybdenum (CVM) tool steel, as well as non-sparking metals for certain combustion risk applications. S2 tool-grade steel is most common. The S represents a type of shock-resistant steel with an underlying silicon structure, and 2 represents the shock grade of the material (in this case being on the low-end of the shock-level scale: S1, S2, S5, S6, and S7). S2 steel is composed of 97% iron, 1.05% silicon, .4% to .44% carbon, and .5% or less of the following materials: vanadium, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, and sulfur. It has been also been heat treated to increases its hardness. High-speed steels are also common and have largely replaced high-carbon steels as they can handle higher temperatures. Tools of this material typically are steel alloys containing chromium and vanadium, along with ratios of manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, and silicon.
Finishes :

Tool steels are often coated or finished to improve durability. The following are common finishes, along with their imparted properties.

  • Zinc-plated: resists oxidation
  • Nickel-plated: resists oxidation
  • Titanium nitride: smooth bit finish
  • Tungsten carbide: enhances grip between driver and bolt
  • Diamond: ultra-high torque
  • Ultra gold: damage evident
  • Ultra silver: high corrosion resistance
  • Visibility: colored coatings improve tool discernibility
Features :

The following are attributes available in some driver bit products.

  • Magnetic: the driver bit retains the screw thanks to the polarity imparted by its composition materials.
  • Quick change: the driver bits support rapid insertion and extraction in the tooling.
  • Double ended: the driver bit has interfaces as both ends, sometimes of a different style or size.
  • Non-sparking: the driver material or coating does not spark if struck on metal or stone.
Driving Tip
Driving Tip