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Copper C Connectors

Copper C connectors

Multimet Overseas manufactures a vast range of line taps to meet the material and dimensional specifications laid by different international standards. Copper C Connectors are made with high tensile brass as per BS 2874-CZ112. Threads are formed by rolling process giving the nut extra clamping force. Pressure pads are made from extruded bras (not cast), preventing the pads from cracking. Copper C Connectors are manufactured in passivated natural brass with electro tinned finish. They are also supplied in high conductivity copper.


Materials : High Conductivity Electrolytic Copper
Finish : natural or Tin plated

Copper C connectors are manufactured from C form copper section, and are commonly used for interconnection of distribution earthing grids

We make Copper C onnectors C type clamps or Compression Connectors on high capacity extrusion press at our factory in India.

Cable mm2 Dimensions
C6   9 9,8 6,4
C10   12 12,6 8,4
C16   17 19,4 12,0
C25   17 21,4 13,0
C35   21 26,6 15,6
C50   26 38,0 21,0
C70  28 34,0 21,0
C95   29 41,0 26,0
C120   30 45,0 28,0
C150   30 48,0 28,0
C185   32 52,0 32,0
C240   32 55,0 38,0
Copper C connectors
Copper C connectors