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Multimet Overseas is involved in Manufacturing, Exporting & Supplying an extensive range of high quality Copper Products such as (Rods, Tubes, Bus Bars, Strips, Plates, Wires, Pipes, Sheet) for a wide range of various industries.We have the capability and flexibility to meet unique product requirements and exact specifications and size.Multimet Overseas services are in demand with the traditional industries as well as with the customers who indulge in modern mega trends.Our Copper Products are tested at several parameters, our products are known for their excellent conduction towards heat and electricity.We have a team of highly qualified, motivated & experienced staff in production and sales to meet customers ever growing quality and service expectation.It holds strongly to excellent customer service, products-quality, commitment, compliance and competitive price structure.

Multimet Overseas offers Copper Products with specific properties tailored to the individual requirements of a wide range of applications:
  •Extreme durability
  •Highly resistant to aging and corrosion
  •Antibacterial effect
  •High dezincification resistance due to alloy additions
  •Concerted adjustment of mechanical properties by cold or hot forming
  •One of the best carbon footprint of all industrial materials

  •Traction Motors
  •Large Electric Motors
  •Switch gears
  •Power Transformers
  •Rectifiers, Disconnectors and Circuit Breakers

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