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Square Tape Clamp

Square Tape Clamp

These four way connectors are suitable for crossing over tapes, making straight joint or T connections in continuous network of tapes. The base has a countersunk hole in the middle for securing the clamp in place; the lid is secured by four screws.


Materials : Brass, Gun Metal, Naval Brass & Aluminium Bronze
Standard: IEC/BS EN 62561-1 Class H (CT105-H, CT005-H) UL96 (CT105-H, CT110-H, CT115-H)

square tape clamps are manufactured from high quality alloys of either copper or aluminium, providing an effective low resistance connection between overlapping tapes.

Square tape clamps are used for supporting or fixing 4-Way connections

Part Code  

Tape Size (mm)  


20 X 3 


25 X 3 


25 X 6 


38 X 3 


38 X 6 


50 X 3 


50 X 6 

Square Tape Clamps are made per IEC 62561-1, BS EN 50164-1 and EN 50164-1 standards.

Square Tape Clamp
Square Tape Clamp