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Multimet Overseas is involved in Manufacturing, Exporting & Supplying an extensive range of high quality Test Clamp for a wide range of various industries. Our Test Clamp products are tested at several parameters, our products are known for their excellent conduction towards heat and electricity.We have the capability and flexibility to meet unique product requirements and exact specifications and size.Multimet Overseas services are in demand with the traditional industries as well as with the customers who indulge in modern mega trends. In Test Clamp we are one of the leading Manufacturer, Exporter & Suppliers in worldwide.We have a team of highly qualified, motivated & experienced staff in production and sales to meet customers ever growing quality and service expectation.It holds strongly to excellent customer service, products-quality, commitment, compliance and competitive price structure.

In Multimet Overseas highly strict quality controls are implemented on every step to ensure the product quality delivering to the market.We make available these Test Clamp in both standard and customized options as to meet light, medium and heavy duty industrial applications.We bring in for our clients wide range of Test Clamp, our range of Test Clamp is used in numerous industrial applicationsWhen it comes to Test Clamp, Multimet Overseas is a name that comes to mind. We offer the best quality Test Clamp which are used widely and are demanded all over the world.

These connectors are used to join 8mm aluminium and copper solid circular conductors together.

Test Clamp Specification

Item :
Test Clamp
Material :
Brass, Gun Metal, Naval Brass & Aluminium Bronze
Application :
Cable Test Clamps are used to form a disconnecting joint between the lightning protection Down Conductor System and the Earthing System.
Size :8mm
Conductor Material :
Brass, Gun Metal, Naval Brass & Aluminium Bronz
Test Certificate :
Laboratory Test Cerificate From Government Approved Lab.
Under Third Party Inspection

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Test Clamp Packaging

Each order is packaged according to the customer's requirements.Our packaging section for Test Clamp is of standard as we do extra packing for Test Clamp in order to reach the products safety to the destination.All shipping documentation is provided for seamless delivery from mill to customers.

B Bonds Packaging
B Bonds Packaging
Test Clamp Packaging
Test Clamp Application
For forming straight through joints or for disconnection and test purposes.
Used in overlapping joints
Conductor Diameter PRODUCT CODE
8mm HETEC01
Also available for connecting 8mm diameter conductor to 25 x 3mm conductor.

For forming end to end joints.
Conductor Diameter PRODUCT CODE
50mm² HETCC01
70mm² HETCC02
95mm² HETCC03